Climate Change

The Real Truth about Climate Change
Action vs Consequences

Exponential Growth
Steady growth over time is called exponential growth. And anything growing exponentially has a predictable doubling time.

Cuba – A Guiding Light
Following its revolution in 1959, Cuba had entered what is officially known as “The Special Period,” a time-period in Cuban’s history that saw the nation slide to the verge of collapse.

Climate Change and Peak Oil : The Devil’s Duo
You can’t have one without the other.
How climate change and peak oil are on a collision course, and all within our lifetime.

Has Peak oil Occurred yet?
You really don’t want to know.
Who projected the date and various comments from numerous individuals and organizations.

No More Heating Bills . . . EVER!
We’ve been building houses with no requirement for fossil fuels heating for over 40 years.

The Magnificent Seven
How you can survive climate change.


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