Posted by: righthandblink | May 20, 2016

We have seen the enemy

We have seen the enemy . . .
and it is us.


This cartoon reminded me of a story about a conversation I once had with an architect. She had a bug up her butt and starting off telling me about politicians and who can trust them. I have no idea where this topic came from, but we both agreed with a number of comparables about why we can’t trust politicians, in specific, and governments, in general.

How politicians tell you one thing, and do something else. And they always have a good reason for making a change, even though they end up loosing billions of dollars. How they say they will solve this problem or that problem, and promptly forget, usually after they get elected. Politicians continue to borrow huge amounts of money, increasing our debt (which they never talk about), and pump it into the economy, or more literally, put it in a pile and burn it. Both have the same effect because taxes keep going up but nothing else seems to change. We still have the same old problems.

Have you noticed that there is concern about consumer or householder debt in this country but there is never any mention of the government debt? Aren’t the leaders suppose to set an example for us? Aren’t we actually following that example? I remember in my teenage years believing that I didn’t have to get a “good” job because I could just live off debt – something I learned from the government.

My architect friend was especially concerned about the stalled economy. The dialogue got rather heated; you know, emotional.

The conversation slowly changed direction and we started to focus on everyday problems: schools, busing, families, children, that sort of thing. This all progressed to global issues like the environment and climate change, over-population, pandemics, the refugee crisis, and such. It was an interesting conversation. You could see that she was upset about the number of problems that face the human race.

Then a funny thing happened. She said that all those big problems we as individuals cannot solve. She summed up our discussion with “We’ll have to leave those problems up to the politicians to solve.”

I was floored. I was speechless. All I could do was laugh. She was adamant on one hand that politicians couldn’t be trusted to do anything, then, on the other hand, she said that we’d have to leave the most gravest problems of mankind for the politicians to fix. She accepted no responsibility for what has happen to this planet and she wanted absolutely no responsibility for fixing any of the problems that man has created. All I could do was laugh.

This cartoon sums it up rather appropriately: “We have seen the enemy . . . and it is us.”

Don’t get me wrong. We need governments for roads, healthcare, police and fire services, and the like. But governments, although necessary, have assumed a position of where they have forgotten about the people and are focused on the economy.

And last of all, the most terrifying phrase in the English language; “We’re from the government, and we’re here to help!”

© 2017, David Huffman


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