Posted by: righthandblink | April 24, 2016

The Earth is but a spec

The Earth is but a spec . . .

A number of years back, on a visit to the Planetarium in Toronto, we were shown a photograph the size of which was about three feet wide and two feet high. It was a photograph taken from a satellite travelling away from our solar system. The picture was of the Milky Way galaxy. It showed all the planets and moons, even our sun. The photograph was filled with what appeared to be thousands of specs of various sizes and colours, as crowded as the grains of sand on a beach.

On the photograph, just off the centre, was a circle someone had drawn around a yellow spec the size of a period at the end of a sentence. The caption below the photograph stated that ‘that spec’, in the yellow circle, was the planet Earth. [please note that the circle is not shown in this photo.]

It was like taking one grain of sand from a beach, making it a bright colour and putting it back on the beach.

Our world is shaped by such things as gravity, enthalpy, the speed of light, the first and second laws of thermodynamics. Those are forces of nature that impose limitations on the way that we can live. Those are the forces that keep our planet in it’s physical position in the universe.

Our great boast is our intelligence. Well, we are a clever animal, aren’t we? But what intelligent creature knowing that air, water and soil are sacred, absolutely essential for our survival, would then proceed to deliberately dump our most toxic elements into them. We are air. We are water. Whatever we do to the air and to the water, we do directly to ourselves.

We do not have the understanding nor the comprehension to realize how insignificant we really are. I learned that lesson during that visit to Toronto.


Renewable, Green and Healthy . . . for a Sustainable Tomorrow!

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